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The Cordoba Update


  • La Fondation Cordoue de Genève : 15 ans de promotion de la paix et de médiation (2002 - 2017)
    par Alistair Davison
  • Faire face à la violence et à l'extrémisme : l'importance de la terminologie
    par Abbas Aroua

  • The Middle East Platform III
    “Promoting Social Cohesion and Interaction through the Notion of Citizenship
  • Geneva Peace Week
    “Religion – a Source of Conflict or a Path to Peace? The Role of Religion in Preventing Violence”
  • The Tunisian Revolution Seven Years On

  • Launch of the “Humanitarian Charities Forum”
  • Workshop “Media and prevention of violence and violent extremism in West Africa and the Sahel”
  • Geneva Peace Week
  • Launch of the CFG donation campaign
  • Mauritanian Constitutional Referendum: Polarised Campaign and the Emergence of New Fault Lines, by Abdoulaye Bâ
  • Processes Engaging Iraqi Tribal Actors in Consolidating Peace – a Review, by Kheira Tarif