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Middle East Platform III: Promoting social cohesion and interaction through the notion of citizenship


The Cordoba Foundation of Geneva, in partnership with the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, held its third Middle East Platform in October 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. This Platform brought together civil society activists, academics and journalists with different confessional backgrounds and religious references from Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen under the title of "Promoting social cohesion and interaction through the notion of citizenship" and with the aim of addressing sectarian tensions. This third Platform was a success, all the objectives were achieved. It presented the fruits of the seeds that have been planted over the previous one and a half years. The changes in attitude, in individual and group behaviors were striking. The dynamic of the exchanges indicated that the participants took a greater ownership of the space, and were eager to take full advantage of this Platform for exchanging on actions, entry points, challenges and ways to overcome them.


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