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The project, conducted in partnership with the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs, is aimed at promoting living together within a national space (Lebanon) based on the principles of citizenship and respect for pluralism. The objective is to foster joint actions on issues of common interest. The Theory of Change is that concrete collaborations contribute in building trust among the different parts of the society and go beyond potential ideological differences to gather people of different communities in a practical manner on the basis of common interests in a shared national space.

The humanitarian issue has been identified as a common area of concern for the whole of Lebanese society. This project therefore supports a joint initiative by a number of charitable NGOs of different religious backgrounds. The combination of their respective assets brings significant advantage in their work in favour of the most in need among Syrians, Palestinians and Lebanese in Lebanon regardless their religious, confessional or ethnic background. Moreover, such collaboration will contribute to preventing the erosion of the social fabric.

On November 28, 2017, the Humanitarian Charities Forum distributed food rations and heating fuel to Syrian families residing in the "Hikma" refugee camp in Bar Elias in the Bekaa, in cooperation with the Cordoba Foundation of Geneva and the Swiss Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon.

The Forum brings together six Lebanese organisations, the Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA), Al-Jaafari Cultural Center for Islamic Studies and Research and Religions Convergence, Sawa Association for Development, the Coalition of charities in Lebanon, the Fadhlallah Foundation for Social Services and Irshad & Islah Beneficient Association.
These organisations are all active in the service of refugees, displaced persons, poor and marginalized Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians, without any sectarian, confessional or ethnic discrimination.

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