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« Perspectives for political change in Algeria »

Geneva, 15 November 2008
The Centre for Peace Studies of the Cordoba Foundation organised on 13-15 November 2008, in Geneva, a meeting on the « Perspectives for political change in Algeria ». The object of the conference was to assess the current situation in Algeria and explore how the political forces outside the control of the regime may bring about the rule of law, using non-violent methods, in order to restore the dignity and freedom of Algerians.

A number of political figures, labour union leaders, journalists and academics, representing the various political trends in the country, took part in this event, including Abdelhamid Mehri, Lahouari Addi, Abbas Aroua, Djamel Benchenouf, Ahmed Benmohammed, Mourad Dhina, Malik Djoudi, Nacéra Ghozlane, Saâd Lounès, Rachid Malaoui, Rachid Mesli, Saïd Morsi, Youcef Nedjadi, Yacine Saadi, Salaheddine Sidhoum, and Mohamed-Larbi Zitout.

The meeting was concluded with an open talk and public debate, on the same theme, which was attended by Algerian expatriates as well as a number of observers and journalists interested in Algerian affairs. Most of the questions raised at the public talk dealt with concerns about the seriousness of the situation.

The conference participants issued the following communiqué: