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3-4 March 2014

The 7th CNF meeting had the following objectives: sharing information on issues relevant to the transformation of conflicts with a religious dimension; exchanging on initiatives and projects supported by the CNF and implemented by CNF members while sharing advice and practical recommendations; identifying potential future initiatives; and discussing issues related to the CNF itself, including an evaluation of its usefulness and next steps.

  • CNF7-01
  • CNF7-02
  • CNF7-03
  • CNF7-04
  • CNF7-05
  • CNF7-06
  • CNF7-07
  • CNF7-08
  • CNF7-09
  • CNF7-10
  • CNF7-11
  • CNF7-12
  • CNF7-13
  • CNF7-14
  • CNF7-15
  • CNF7-16
  • CNF7-17
  • CNF7-18