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Dear Friends,

During the past 12 months, the violence in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere in the world has caused the deaths of tens of thousands of citizens, the displacement of millions, and the destruction on entire cities such as Aleppo and Mosul.

While 2017 saw the decline of the « Islamic State » organisation, the deeper causes of extremism, and the conditions leading to the propagation of violence, are sadly still very much in place. The existence of so many unresolved conflicts and untreated wounds are likely, unfortunately, to lead to continued violence.

The Cordoba Foundation of Geneva has a busy programme in North Africa, the Middle East and the Sahel region.

Our team is engaged for peace on a daily basis, and promoting dialogue in difficult contexts where there is ideological, sectarian or ethnic polarisation.

In Lebanon, we are accompanying humanitarian and charitable organisations of various backgrounds as they cooperate to provide aid to the most marginalised in Lebanese society and to Syrian refugees.

In Iraq, our team is working to put in place dialogue for national reconciliation, involving tribal and religious leaders.

In Nigeria and the Lake Chad region, we are developing media content aimed at young people, in order to prevent them falling into extremism and violence.

In Mali, we are providing technical support for the implementation of inclusive dialogue to reinforce national cohesion.

In Morocco, we have for several years been connecting actors who work for the improvement of women’s conditions, in order to overcome their differences and work together for the good of society.

We are also working to prevent political and ideological violence among the youth in Morocco and Tunisia.

Finally, we are training journalists in Mauritania, Tanzania and the Gulf region in ethical journalism for the promotion of peace.

Unfortunately, the reduction of funding available for NGOs is hitting us very hard.

Without your support, in the coming years we will no longer be able to continue our work of peace promotion.

In order to continue our mission for a less violent world, we need your help more than ever.

Thank you for sharing this appeal on social media and with those who are close to you.

Thank you for your support and your donations


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