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Since 2013, CFG has been involved in projects in the Sahel Region and in particular in Mauritania in partnership with the Swiss FDFA. Such initiatives focus on the themes of peace promotion, mediation space creation and the enhancement of conflict transformation skills.

The CFG Project in Mauritania is the result of a succession of Sahel Platform Regional meetings which have given birth to the Mauritanian Espace de Diversité et Citoyenneté (EDC) which holds as its goal the promotion of exchanges between Mauritanian communities, especially between the moor and black Mauritanian communities. A special project entitled: “Contributing to the reduction of intercommunal tensions through inclusive and representative media in Mauritania and skills enhancement for civil society ” has been developed by a local structure with the technical support of the CFG and Fondation Hirondelle of Lausanne. This project aims to mitigate intercommunal tensions and enhance intercommunal relationships in Mauritania in order to converge towards social cohesion. Moreover, the project accentuates linguistic diversity in offering training and the development of media products in Arabic, French and also locals languages (Soninke, Wolof, Peuhl)