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The programme's main objectives in Morocco are to:

  1. Morocco - University: Provide support to students and political actors with different inspirations and references, including Islamist and leftist student unions, to establish collaborative ways of reducing violence on university campuses.
  2. Morocco – Islamist-secular rapprochement for an inclusive society: Strengthen the establishment of a coalition of secular and Islamist figures engaged for an inclusive society to jointly undertake sensitization activities related to promoting an inclusive and participative society by accompanying the leading committee in its progress and facilitating the coalition’s meeting.


The Cordoba Foundation of Geneva’s work in Morocco has focused on building the capacity of university activists in conflict transformation with the aim of equipping them with the skills to alleviate violence between political groups in university campuses.

When we asked these activists how their participation in our workshops changed their awareness about conflict and peace promotion, this is what they said: