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This course seeks to educate those interested in understanding and eventually offsetting the use of terrorist tactics in global warfare. It provides an in-depth analysis of terrorism, the ideological, strategic, and psychological forces behind terrorism, and its worldwide history.

In this session the following topics are covered:

1) Islamic history & culture: An introduction to the geography, history, and demographics of the Muslim world and the interaction of Islam with various cultures.

2) Islamic Law: An introduction to Islamic law, its aims, the main domains of goodness, the basic principles of human rights and the laws of war in Islam.

3) Conflict Cartography of the Muslim World: Scanning and mapping the conflicts within or involving the Muslim Arab world.

4) Conflict & Peace in Islam: Concept of conflict in Islam, non violent vs. violent conflict,perception of conflict in the Arab culture, peace in Islam through its foundational texts.

5) Conflict Resolution in Islam: Conflict resolution as a religious duty, Islamic theory of reconciliation, treatment of historical wounds.

6) Facts vs. Interpretation: Conflicts and the content and interpretation of images, discourses and sacred texts.

7) Positions vs. Interests: Political-Religious Conflicts (Algeria, BinLaden|Bush).

8) Positions vs. Interests: Political-Ethnic Conflicts (Somalia, Soudan).

9) The Clash of Values: Discussion of conflicts related to apparently contradictory values such as "respect of sacred vs. freedom of speech?, "democracy vs. human rights?. Illustration with a number of examples ("Muhammad?s Face? Cartoons - Denmark, "Fitna? Film - The Netherlands, The Scarf - France, The Minarets - Switzerland).