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The NAWAT program works with the Cordoba Now Forum of experts, who are involved in practical initiatives and research towards transformation of conflicts with a religious dimension. NAWAT organizes trainings to further enhance the shared understanding within this group on mediation and conflict transformation, and to institutionalize a shared vision and work approach.

The training was designed for present or prospective members of the Cordoba Now Forum, who are or will be actively associated to a NAWAT project, with the role of resource person, advisor, project manager, facilitator, research coordinator or researcher. As 'experience holders' with field knowledge and analytical understanding, the participants acquired conceptual frameworks that enable them to better identify synergies between context analysis and opportunities for action, and to improve their involvement in conflict transformation initiatives.

At the occasion of the Cordoba Now Training Workshop, the inaugration meeting of the network was held to formalize the set-up of the network and provide basis for subsequent work on mediation and conflict transformation. This meeting waas instrumental in developing trust among its members and plan concretely future projects such as the Arab World in Transition and the New Political Cultures Forum.

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