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This program concerns conflict transformation in the humanitarian field, and aims to raise awareness among humanitarian workers of the importance of conflict sensitivity in developing their humanitarian and development programs, to build the capacity of humanitarian actors to deal with conflict, and to promote dialogue and diapraxis between charities and humanitarian agencies of different backgrounds.

ورشة تدريبية: مدخل الى تحليل وترشيد الخلاف
Istanbul, 2-6 April 2014

Training Workshop

Introduction to Conflict Analysis and Transformation
Istanbul, 2-6 April 2014

35 participants from 8 Arab countries

Co-organized by the Cordoba Foundation of Geneva and the Sub Saharan Studies Centre


ورشة تدريبية

مدخل الى تحليل وترشيد الخلاف
اسطنبول، 2- 6 أبريل 2014

خمسة وثلاثون مشاركًا من 8 دول عربية

من تنظيم مؤسسة قرطبة بجنيف ومركز دراسات جنوب الصحراء بلندن التابع للمنتدى الإسلامي

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