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Who are we?

The Cordoba Foundation of Geneva has been launched in a difficult international context in which the rise of extremisms of all sorts is feeding the discord and hatred between peoples and communities. Recent events, in particular following the deplorable events of 11 September 2001, tend to support the view that the logic of confrontation is increasingly governing international relations.

It is therefore urgent that the advocates of peace all over the world act in a well thought out and effective manner. They should join their efforts to face the dangers that threaten the well-being, and even the being, of the human family. They can do so by promoting the spirit of authentic communication and exchange, generous sharing, and mutual understanding, recognition and respect, between world cultures and civilisations.

The setting up of the Foundation is the initiative of a number of individuals concerned precisely about these dangers and willing to contribute to promoting peaceful coexistence between the peoples and communities.

The name of the Foundation recalls the spirit that ruled 10th-century Cordoba, called "Capital of the Spirit", which remains an almost unique model for dialogue between civilisations, and for cross-fertilisation of ideas.

Geneva, November 2002